Announcing GIBBER

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of Gibber:

I spent late June to mid September travelling throughout Queensland, Australia for the 2012 Arts Queensland Poetry Residency. In addition to performances and workshops, I created a large body of new work under the title Gibber. Since returning to Iceland, I’ve been readying Gibber for online publication. And now Gibber is ready to share with you!

A transdisciplinary series developed by 2012 Queensland Poet-in-Residence a rawlings, Gibber ( explores the language of ‘here’ and the language nurtured within the state’s bioregions.Gibber includes:

  • “Gibberbird,” a twenty-page poetry suite
  • “Land,” a digital poem
  • “#gibberese,” archive of a collaborative online event with twenty-five writers in Australia, Canada, and USA
  • “Vialence,” photographic documentation of site-specific performances that found my signifier vials in collaboration with multiple Queensland environments
  • “Gibberland,” photographic documentation of Queensland place names juxtaposed with different environments
  • “Signif,” animal-referent clichés juxtaposed with their signified
  • Sound poems recorded in multiple Queensland environments: north, south, beside
  • Photographic documentation of multiple environmental readings: bubble, sand, trace, bark, ground, flora, kite
  • “Museum of Sound,” three essays reflecting on the ethics that informed the creation of Gibber
  • “Museum of Land,” texts on having conversations with landscapes, plus a map of Gibber’s source
  • “Asemic Writing,” a statement on ecosystems and their inhabitants as authors of asemic writing

Gibber is supported by the generosity of Arts Queensland, the State Library of Queensland, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, and the Queensland Poetry Festival.

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