lex-end: collexiconjury

at lex’s finale, maggie helwig and jay millar presented bill and me with copies of Collexiconjury: A Festschrift of Sorts. organized, edited, and designed by lowlife publishing (with intense secrecy, as i understand) and bound, cover design by bookthug, Collexiconjury is printed in an edition of 2, 100 pages long, with a fancy maroon/gold-swirl inlay cover and bookthug’s signature title card (which truly is a thing of beauteous statement).

the book is a collection of poems recently offered by featured lex readers from the last five years. john barlow’s “thanks, tribute and memorial note” follows bill’s fourth poster design, a heartwarming and hilarious entrance to the collection. the subsequent 97 pages are a dervish of eclectic, brilliant, awkward, bittersweet, (insert host of additional descriptions) texts that have my heart full up to my neck.

thank you so much to everyone for this memento. we’ve had such a fantastic influx of feedback on the series’ end, touching e-mails and conversations, and a remarkable and packed cameron house on tuesday night (much to andy’s chagrin, as we spilled into the stairs and became obstacles in his serving route). so it was pretty intense at night’s end to have some many additional lexiconjurors appear in book form to wish the series farewell. y’all have made lex what it is; thank you for gifting and sharing and listening!

here’s Collexiconjury‘s rough table of contents, for the curious and the completist.

  • photos by nadia halim and sharon harris
  • gary barwin: “etherball” and one visual poem
  • derek beaulieu: visual poem
  • gregory betts: “plunderverse: burning the bushes (a biblical cento)”
  • daccia bloomfield: letterbundle (a pen-and-pencil sketch)
  • christian bok: excerpt from “mushroom clouds” in cyborg opera
  • allan briesmaster’s remix of “bill kennedy” and “angela rawlings” (which i actually have posted on my wall at home, from when he read it at his iron chef feature in 2003)
  • kyle buckley: “jeff derksen is sappho”
  • nancy bullis: “detoxicate me”
  • stephen cain: “the ubi sunt engine”
  • natalee caple: “be a child then and i can kiss it better” and “smash the poem”
  • mm cross: three graphics located while googling “lexiconjury” and “stress/relief: a feminist scansion”
  • bernie hogan: “listen ~ list stroke”
  • margaret christakos: “for angela and bill: a chancy series for a chancy series that worked”
  • jason christie: “an imaginary love poem” (thank you, j; you know this is one of my very favourite poems ever)
  • jason christie and jon paul fiorentino: “emoticonjury” (!!!!)
  • stephen collis: “directions for the futurist”
  • mark connery and judy macdonald: a collaborative visual poem
  • lise downe: “such ministrations none dare say”
  • paul dutton: “thinking”
  • maria erskine: medley of bowering, cochrane, rich, and bronwen wallace poems
  • saghi ghahraman: “shapouri 1”
  • kenneth goldsmith: “a selection of the kenny g. letters”
  • sherwin tjia: 6 pedigree girls panels
  • sharon harris: 2 visual poems
  • jill hartman: excerpt from another word for pirate treasure, or, the booty
  • neil hennessy: an e-mail
  • maggie helwig: “at the author’s last going into germany”
  • sheila heti: “what is experimental; a tribute to the lex”
  • frances kruk: “spine” and “hairball” and “dustbunny”
  • john lavery: “quickeye” and “in ontario”
  • beth learn: “fremont troll code”
  • karen mac cormack: “15 minutes (for bill and angela)”
  • camille martin: “on one’s person”
  • steve mccaffery: “threnodalia (for angela and bill)”
  • lynn mcclory: “super fluid baby lions”
  • jeremy mcleod: “quest components inc, ontario” and “filter” and “search”
  • jay millar: stitch decends a briefcase and “translation from the the”
  • peter mcphee: “good luck in the multiple choice section (the connected works of doctored stephen cain)”
  • darren o’donnell: excerpt from your secrets sleep with me
  • emily pohl-weary: “artist”
  • rob read: “poems of the police”
  • stan rogal: “all the roary night” and “riddled”
  • stuart ross: “no luck club”
  • trish salah: “science! silence!” and “clean objects”
  • emily schultz: excerpt from anais by anonymous
  • adam seelig: “thank you”
  • sarah selecky: “madeleine writes about ralph and the chickens”
  • lytle shaw: “fractions of the captain” and “torrent’s genres: an inventory of sketches”
  • sparrow: “a strange fact” and “proverb” and “world project no. 1” and “a tribute to lexiconjury”
  • hugh thomas: “the man in the bear suit”
  • mark truscott: excerpt from thoughts commingling forces
  • steve venright: “something from the silken trough”
  • jessica westhead: “girls on the GO”
  • darryl whetter: “no friend of time”
  • jacob wren: “crowds with the object of their adoration incurably absent”
  • darren wershler-henry: “apostrophe (a lexiconjurer)”

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