reading season

well, it’s spring in tdot and i’m playing a nerve-wracking game of jenga with all the readings available to attend. friday was a triple whammy:

  • dub poets collective reading series, featuring larissa lai, sandra alland, and leviathan
  • iv lounge reading series, featuring gary barwin, max middle, maggie macdonald, and more
  • shameless magazine launch

gregory betts and i had made a deal to catch DPC’s series @ 6:30, then motor down to IV for 8. as readings go, the first didn’t start until 7ish, and we were quite at home in the space and chose to stay for the entire time. i’m glad i stayed, though disappointed i was unable to make the other events. sandra gave a stellar, polished reading (similar material to her ecopoetics symposium reading) that featured excerpts from her work-in-progress blissful times and some sound poetry. it’s always a jolt of energy to visit with larissa, and i greatly enjoyed hearing her read. i wanted to chat with her about twenty different topics (how’s the leg? how’s van? dinner, tea, drinks?) but there was never time.

a cramped weekend had me miss fictitious reading series (with elyse friedman and clint burnham), much to my dismay. i heard the event went well. next time, gadget!

tonight was another double whammy events-wise:

  • camille martin and kyle buckley @ ryerson’s live poets reading series
  • ross leckie @ art bar

i considered the motor technique for tonight, but opted for one event: ryerson. i hugely enjoyed myself! camille’s work is just amazing, and she read largely from a new series of poems called THE LIMNIC REALM. soooooo good. “a lone aquamarine marmot.” “circadian slumber.” kyle read explanatory notes about his untitled poetry manuscript (which may very well be the actual title). in fact, the explanatory notes (peppered with excerpts of his poetry) may very well be the manuscript itself.

tomorrow: the inaugural test reading series!

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