Gary Barwin’s Pwoermds

April 2, 2013

Gary Barwin is participating in Geof Huth‘s International Pwoermd Writing Month. From Gary: “A pwoermd is a one word poem — no title — the poem is its own title and text, as we are ourselves. I will be posting a pwoermd here each day in April.”

Today’s poem is all about the moss, with a luscious nod to my questing within Gibber: “My thoughts and seeing of the environment around me, I must say, have lately been mediated & inspired by the languageye of a.rawlings’ liberty-Gibberish land-non-escapes, her landreadings and lexicontinental riffs. So, this poem, dedicated to angelanguage rawlinguages. Some Hamiltonontariomoss and timespace energy=mutter.”


North of Invention

April 2, 2013

Now on Jacket2: fifteen writers respond to the archive of UPenn’s 2011 North of Invention festival of Canadian poetry. Co-organizer Sarah Dowling offers insight to both the festival’s creation and the curated responses. I was thrilled to participate in the festival with my collaborator, Maja Jantar, and I recommend reading all responses — formative to re/live this experience through sense, through reflection.

In attendance: Adeena Karasick, Christian Bök, Fred Wah, Jeff Derksen, Jordan Scott, Lisa Robertson, M. NourbeSe Philip, Nicole Brossard, Stephen Collis, Maja Jantar, a rawlings

In response: Sandra Alland, Melanie Bell, Gregory Betts, Mark Goldstein, Susan Holbrook, Ray Hsu, Sonnet L’Abbé, Robert Mazjels, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff and Jake Kennedy, Meredith Quartermain, Jenny Sampirisi, Steve Savage, Christine Stewart, Sharon Thesen


Sound, Poetry on Jacket2

March 2, 2013

The fifth and final interview in my curated series Sound, Poetry has now been posted on Jacket2. Read on for Rozalie Hirs’ conversation with Caroline Bergvall.


Lunalia: Revisited

February 13, 2013

Maja Jantar and I collaborated in February/March 2012 on Lunalia. A year later, we’re reprising the experiment between the new moons of 10 February to 11 March 2013.


Að landa: New commentary on Jacket2

December 2, 2012

From December 2012, I joined  Jacket2 as a commentator. First article:


Announcing GIBBER

November 29, 2012

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of Gibber:

I spent late June to mid September travelling throughout Queensland, Australia for the 2012 Arts Queensland Poetry Residency. In addition to performances and workshops, I created a large body of new work under the title Gibber. Since returning to Iceland, I’ve been readying Gibber for online publication. And now Gibber is ready to share with you!

A transdisciplinary series developed by 2012 Queensland Poet-in-Residence a rawlings, Gibber (http://arawlings.is/gibber/) explores the language of ‘here’ and the language nurtured within the state’s bioregions.Gibber includes:

  • “Gibberbird,” a twenty-page poetry suite
  • “Land,” a digital poem
  • “#gibberese,” archive of a collaborative online event with twenty-five writers in Australia, Canada, and USA
  • “Vialence,” photographic documentation of site-specific performances that found my signifier vials in collaboration with multiple Queensland environments
  • “Gibberland,” photographic documentation of Queensland place names juxtaposed with different environments
  • “Signif,” animal-referent clichés juxtaposed with their signified
  • Sound poems recorded in multiple Queensland environments: north, south, beside
  • Photographic documentation of multiple environmental readings: bubble, sand, trace, bark, ground, flora, kite
  • “Museum of Sound,” three essays reflecting on the ethics that informed the creation of Gibber
  • “Museum of Land,” texts on having conversations with landscapes, plus a map of Gibber’s source
  • “Asemic Writing,” a statement on ecosystems and their inhabitants as authors of asemic writing

Gibber is supported by the generosity of Arts Queensland, the State Library of Queensland, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, and the Queensland Poetry Festival.


New Joyland Poetry

November 13, 2012

Approximately once a month from now until who knows when, I’m curating the Consulate Section of Joyland Poetry. I’ve just posted November’s feature. Here are the features since it began:

November 2012: “carnival (for artificial voices)” by Helen White
October 2012: Excerpt from The Persons by Peter Jaeger
September 2012: “who put on my shoes” by Rozalie Hirs
August 2012: “Ja, jeg smager månedens kunstnervin!” by Martin Glaz Serup
July 2012: “Homeric Hymn to Artemis” by Sophie Mayer
June 2012: “There he was, gone.” by J. R. Carpenter
May 2012: “How to Write During the Consumer Age” by Vincent Tholomé
April 2012: Excerpt from “Капуста (Kapusta),” a poem/play in progress by Erín Moure
March 2012: “From my moist” by Ragnhildur Jóhannsdóttir


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