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On “rout/e”

May 10, 2013

Chris Turnbull wrote to update me on the status of her project ROUT/E, which plants poems in plexiglass along trails near Ottawa. In 2011, she planted “I Will Not Ruin the Environment,” an excerpt from my work-in-progress echolology. From Chris:

Angela, accompanied by 2 wild 7 year olds on the weekend, I returned to Wood Rd., where I placed your poem in 2011. It was cold when I planted it in the snow, and the camera froze…and then I didn’t get back again until Saturday. If you remember, the trail is interesting for a bunch of reasons, one of them being that it is a local ‘dump’ site for about a km along the trail – coffee cups, mattresses, tires, old bottles of kerosene, or miscellaneous liquids litter the sides of the trail. Inhabit the sides? This time around, someone has been making an effort to collect the garbage and has piled it into several piles – it looks near archived :)  One of these piles was neatly collected in a metal frame and consisted of tires, bottles (as above) and other bits.  Someone had put your poem, still completely intact on post, in the front corner of the metal frame, fronting the garbage. Your poem, which was printed on 8.5×11 paper, with a 1 inch border, was securely under the plexiglass – no water had managed to mar the paper or words.  On the outside, it was mud on plexiglass that framed your poem – completely obliterating the 1 inch margin near exactly, without obscuring any of the language. Fascinating and perfect.

It’s one of my favourite trails – I was in time to see the trout lilies in bloom, bloodroot emerging, and among other things, wild ginger. The boys had fun pronouncing celandine and found 3 beaver leeches at the pond/marsh farther along, which they examined, poked at, and refound several times.

Ghent: Jantar/rawlings @ Logos

June 1, 2010

On June 1st at 20:00, a.rawlings and Maja Jantar share a 60-minute performance of collaborative projects for the Logos Foundation in Ghent, Belgium. They will share new work from Órói and EFHILMNORSTUVWY (in addition to a Tarot reading and group improvisation called “How to Read a Line”)… two magmatic sets full of sound, text, movement, improvisation, lines, red, dissonance, divination, pornography, xenography, trees, owls, wolves, ljóða, love.


Amsterdam: a.rawlings and Maja Jantar @ Stichting Perdu

May 27, 2010

On May 28 at 20:30, a.rawlings and Maja Jantar perform a 90-minute set of solo and collaborative projects for Stichting Perdu in Amsterdam. They will share new work from Órói and EFHILMNORSTUVWY (in addition to a Tarot reading and Wide slumber for lepidopterists)… two magmatic sets full of sound, text, movement, improvisation, lines, red, dissonance, divination, pornography, xenography, trees, owls, wolves, lepidoptera, ljóða, love.


Influency Salon + new poem

April 23, 2010

Margaret Christakos’ popular poetry+poets course, Influency, has been a generative hub in Toronto the last few years. This week, Margaret and many excellent folks launched an online journal called Influency Salon, packed with poetry and commentary. The site also includes a new poem by me.


Wired Writers Podcast

January 21, 2010

Writers in Electronic Residence (WIER) has posted a Wired Writers Podcast featuring close to an hour of readings and Q&A with me. In the first section, I read from Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry (Your Scrivener Press, 2009) and works-in-progress EFHILMNORSTUVWY and ljóðapoems. Then, I talk about my relationship to the terms mentor/mentee and illustrate personal experiences I have had in these roles. Finally, I read three texts by students with whom I worked during my 2008 WIER residency.

The podcast is available online and on iTunes.


New Icelandic Poetry in Translation

October 26, 2009

Toronto-based publisher BookThug has released a limited edition run of New Icelandic Poetry in Translation, featuring work by derek beaulieu, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, a.rawlings, and Hugh Thomas. My contribution is a poem from EFHILMNORSTUVWY in both English and in Icelandic; it’s my first attempt at translating from English to Icelandic.


Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry

October 26, 2009

Northeastern Ontario publisher Your Scrivener Press launches in Toronto’s Supermarket @ 7pm tonight the anthology Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry edited by Madhur Anand and Adam Dickinson. Contributors are Don McKay, Brian Bartlett, Jeanette Lynes, Michael deBeyer, Ross Leckie, Katia Grubisic, Robyn Sarah, Sina Queyras, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Margaret Christakos, a.rawlings, Ruth Roach Pierson, Erin Robinsong, Olive Senior, Maureen Scott-Harris, John Terpstra, Kemeny Babineau, Cornelia Hoogland, Karen Houle, Roger Nash, Alanna F. Bondar, Monique Chénier, Alison Calder, Mari-Lou Rowley, Christian Bök, Bert Almon, Lisa Robertson, Rhea Tregebov, Rita Wong, Rhonda Collis, Kim Goldberg, Jane Munro, and Jan Conn. My contribution in the anthology includes eight pages of previously unpublished work — an excerpt from my work-in-progress EFHILMNORSTUVWY, as well as three poems written specifically for Sudbury and comprised of found and recycled components.



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