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Toulouse collaboration and performances

March 24, 2012

During the first week of April, I’ll visit Toulouse to collaborate with twenty local and international artists via Mix’art Myrys on a theme of PARASITE. Marion Raievski and I will continue our parasite project which began last October in Poitiers. This may even net some new multilingual compositions (working with French, English, and Icelandic). 



In transititillation: Landsvirkjun

March 13, 2012

Habitat and ecosystem of the river the buildings and was the only meaningful measurement of the impact of structures to measure the return of adult fish in the river after the dam. The measurements showed invariably collapse of fish stocks. At best, could only proceed any mitigation the sensitivity of a few percentage points. Pass these express findings can engineers LANDSVIRKJUN not look with optimism shine in the eyes because now will use the newer and better technology than ever before and then added a footnote that it will be interesting to monitor the progress already has to activate and destroy most of the habitats in the river. LANDSVIRKJUN ambition to lead the world in developing technologies to dams and juveniles utilities is called Before destruction and will cost a pedestrian found in river life, whether the latest special effects prove something tangential, or as bad as all the others.

Source: Kvartsannleikur Landsvirkjunar


LUNALIA: A moon oracle

March 10, 2012

From February 7 to March 8, Maja Jantar and a.rawlings performed an experiment in extra-sensory perception, improvisation, and divination — resulting in a daily oracle aligned with one moon cycle.  Everyday, we separately recorded what the moon told us from our geographically disparate locales — Maja in Gent and angela in Reykjavík. By the end of each day, we exchanged our files and then synced them to create the day’s oracle.

Oracles from February 7 to 26 can be listened to in their entirety here:

Oracles from February 27 to March 8 can be listened to here:

LUNALIA emerged in part as a solution collaborate despite geographic difference. We have previously experimented with improvisation performed in different locations (see example here, with Maja in Belgium and angela in Iceland), but LUNALIA offered us the chance to improvise and collaborate without having immediate sensory contact (visual or aural) with one another. Instead, our medium became the moon and, through focusing on this shared entity in our environments, we composed oracular utterances from lunar sensitivity.

The structure we established for ourselves at the outset was to create one recording of voice and soundscape per day with no fixed time allotment. The recordings ended up as roughly five minutes in length each, though the inexact timing prompted three strategies for syncronization: 1) start them at the same time, 2) end them at the same time, or 3) twin them at the heart. Maja intuited and enacted each day’s sync strategy. We also faded in and out the tracks. Otherwise, they remain in their original raw states.

While this daily moon oracle has come to an end, we will continue LUNALIA by posting one new oracle on each full moon. Instead of daily, LUNALIA will visit monthly!

Thank you to everyone who followed our process.

Maja & angela

Full moon over Reykjavík, 7 February 2012


2012 Queensland Poet-in-Residence + Survey

March 1, 2012

I’m thrilled to announce my post as the 2012 Queensland Poet-in-Residence! From July through September, I’ll be in Australia to facilitate workshops, share performances, and participate in both the Queensland Poetry Festival and the Brisbane Writers Festival. My primary project while there will be the creation of a site-specific series for Sound Poetry and Visual Poetry – a project in synaesthetic counter-mapping connected to the area’s biodiversity.

Queensland Poetry Festival’s announcement lives here.

Arts Minister Rachel Nolan’s announcement can be read here.

In preparation for the project, I’m researching potential locations, sights, species, and sounds. Currently, I’m interested in learning from locals what, in the Queensland environment, has personal relevance for you. This is less a request as a foreigner to know what sites to visit, and more a request to know what resonates with you as ‘Queensland,’ ‘home,’ ‘real,’ ‘escape,’ and/or quintessential within the region. If you have time, please share your responses in the form below. Alternatively, you can also download a Word doc with these following questions and e-mail it to me; download and contact details are available on the Queensland Poetry Festival website.

I seek responses on the following:

  • Landscapes or landmarks. What, if any, are particular landscapes or landmarks within Queensland that speak to you? Why (optional)?
  • Soundscapes or soundmarks. What, if any, are sounds for which you hold a particular affinity? Why (optional)?
  • Species. What, if any, plant or animal species hold significance for you? Why (optional)?
  • Cartography. Occasionally, I meet people with strong affinities for maps that appeal to their aesthetics and associations with a particular place. Is there any specific map that has personal resonance for you? This could range from geographic (topography, aerial, geology, etc.) to historical, linguistic. Could be mass-produced or hand-drawn. Anything goes.
  • Is there anything else you’d like to recommend to me?

Thank you!


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