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Amsterdam: a.rawlings and Maja Jantar @ Stichting Perdu

May 27, 2010

On May 28 at 20:30, a.rawlings and Maja Jantar perform a 90-minute set of solo and collaborative projects for Stichting Perdu in Amsterdam. They will share new work from Órói and EFHILMNORSTUVWY (in addition to a Tarot reading and Wide slumber for lepidopterists)… two magmatic sets full of sound, text, movement, improvisation, lines, red, dissonance, divination, pornography, xenography, trees, owls, wolves, lepidoptera, ljóða, love.


Brussels: maelstrÖm reEvolution fIestival

May 3, 2010

This Thursday, 6 May 2010, Maja Jantar and a.rawlings perform at the “12 voix de femmes +1” poetry event, part of the maelstrÖm reEvolution fIestival. The night also features lectures and performances by Anne Waldman (US), Marianne Costa (FR), Sheri D. Wilson (CA), Andrea Thompson (CA), Laurence Vielle (BE) on video, Julia Musté (FR), Laurence Barrère (FR), Catherine Delasalle (FR), Édith Azam (FR) and Nathalie Gassel (BR), and Milady Renoir (BE).


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