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ditch, an Icelandic version

December 14, 2009

While in Reykjavík this autumn 2009, I facilitated two creative writing workshops. Exercises ranged from automatic writing to erasure poetry, from homophonic translation to collaborative cut-ups. Online Canadian poetry journal ditch, has a special feature displaying texts that began in these workshops, composed by Icelandic writers Ásgeir H Ingólfsson, Kristín Kamban, Hjörvar Pétursson, Silja Hrund Barkardóttir Hansen, Jón Bjarki Magnússon, Jón Örn Loðmfjörð, Bragi Páll Sigurðarson, and Bjargey Ólafsdóttir. Thanks to John C. Goodman for requesting and displaying this special feature!

Njótið vel!


Canadian Writers in Person: Online Archive

December 9, 2009

York University’s Canadian Writers in Person course offers its archived recordings of readings and Q&A sessions to the internet. You’ll find my speedy reading and Q&A from the spring of 2008 here. I enjoyed listening to the Q&A, especially as the first question prompted me to talk about music I listen to when I write. I mentioned Nico Muhly’s Speaks Volumes as a key album in spring 2008; it’s still in rotation now, though has been joined by other albums published on the same label (Bedroom Community). Makes sense, as I’m still working on the same projects as I was a year and a half ago.


Reading in Vancouver

December 3, 2009

Roo Borson and I perform tonight (19:30) for the Play Chthonics Reading Series at Green College, UBC, Vancouver. There will be a Q&A post-reading.


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