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Doves muhl Amidon fantasy

August 24, 2008

There is every possibility I will spontaneously combust from the sheer awesomeness of this… Nico Muhly, Sam Amidon, Final Fantasy, and Doveman play Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall on Wednesday (August 27). If I promise to apply fire retardant, will I see you and you and you and you and you there?


The Arcadia Project

August 17, 2008
Concert at Arcadia Coffeehouse

Concert at Arcadia Coffeehouse

Matt Ceolin, my Northern Ontario compatriot, bought an old, rundown building downtown Sault Ste. Marie in 2006 and spent the last two years renovating it into an arts centre (or, as he fondly calls it: social sculpture). During a recent visit to my northern home, I had the immense pleasure of getting to know The Arcadia Project, which includes a sizable coffeehouse, vegetarian eatery, art gallery, exotic knick-knacks shop, art and music studios, and apartments for young artists. Do check out the website; I helped build it over the past week and it’s chock-full of juicy history and news.

While I visited Arcadia, the Coffeehouse hosted community events, a few concerts (including Cobras, Cobras, Cobras and Colourbook), and the inaugural reading of a poetry series. The most impacting event I witnessed was a meeting for Womyn 4 Social Justice, in support of and bringing awareness to the Walk4Justice for missing and murdered women across Canada.

It’s so lovely to see Arcadia flourish in its early stages. The Arcadians are a deeply cool bunch of people, and I’m dreaming about my next northern visit. If you find yourself in the cool climes of Sault Ste. Marie, do stop by 823 Queen Street East. And if you’re on a book or music tour, do consider Arcadia a possible destination if you’re into intimate enthusiasms.

The dense magic of Arcadia intermingled with bug-thick Algoma summer put me in a creative mode, and I finally told Matt about EFHILMNORSTUVWY. As with Wide slumber, he’s into playing, and we spent hours brainstorming ways to approach glyphic morphology within our textual ecology.


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