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Creative Commons: VOCABLE @ Scream

June 12, 2008

For the 2008 Scream Literary Festival, Ciara Adams and I will facilitate a sound/text/movement VOCABLE workshop, focusing on:

  • improvisation and collaboration as creation tools;
  • non-traditional writing exercises, vocal technique, and interdisciplinary vocabulary development;
  • blending art forms to create dynamic work, with an emphasis on innovation and invention;
  • the body as a primary starting point for creation.

Participants will be invited to engage in writing exercises, breath and voice work, and improvisation. Open to anyone aged 18+. Designed for curiosity seekers; participants do not need to be practicing artists, though artists are welcome.

DATE: Sunday, July 6, 2008
TIME: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
LOCATION: Second City Training Centre, Studio 2, 70 Peter St.

COST: $75

NOTE: Wear comfortable clothing for light movement. Bring writing journal and pens/pencils with you. We will have two ten-minute breaks and an hour for lunch.


Title v3.5?

June 3, 2008

I’ve had a renewed gust of enthusiasm for my poetic work-in-progress and, with that, more title considerations. The titles, to date, have flitted through the following:

* Environment Canada
* So Constantly Breathing
(officially out of the running, as it’s now the title of my Open Letter statement)
* The Nature of Canada, The Order of Suzuki, The David of Things
* echology
* echolology
* efhilmnorstuvwy
* owls or wolves, who

echology has been the long-running working title, though Environment Canada has come in and out of favour. efhilmnorstuvwy came up recently, as it represents my lipogram and is one heck of a delightful neologism/mouthful. And owls or wolves, who has been hovering around the porch, asking to be allowed inside. Some of these may become section titles within the manuscript, or may gravitate to other projects.

I also had a wild notion while overseas to write a novel about acoustic ecology dealing with a Ghentian garden, Icelandic hot spring, and Algoma beach. The title for that idea came immediately, and I don’t think it’ll depart anytime soon: Cochlea. Peculiar how instinct for titling shifts dependent on the project.


New work in HOW2

June 2, 2008

Huge dollops of yesness: The new issue of HOW2 features a large section on ecopoetics, with poems, essays, papers, and postcards from:

Dorothy Alexander / LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs / Tina Darragh and Marcella Durand / Rachel Blau DuPlessis / Cynthia / Hogue / Janis Butler Holm / Siel Ju / a.rawlings / Arpine Konyalian Grenier / Ann Fisher-Wirth / Kathleen Miller / Melanie Neilson / Frances Presley / Evelyn Reilly / Carol Watts / Christopher Arigo / Elisabeth Joyce / Susan Moore / Frances Presley / Linda Russo / Jonathan Skinner / Jane Sprague / Cara Benson / Susanna Fry / Jane Joritz-Nakagawa / Anna Reckin / Addie Tsai

The issue includes an excerpt from my in-progress manuscript (echology), as well as a poetic statement.


The changing of the blog

June 1, 2008

I’ve been blogging intermittently since 1999. The first incarnation was a home-made HTML version I cobbled together on Geocities, before it joined the Yahoo! team (remember Geocities?! *nostalgia*). It was mainly an excuse for me to acquire basic proficiency in HTML, and after that was accomplished the blog fell by the wayside.

In 2000, I signed up with LiveJournal, but eventually abandoned that site for the greener pastures of Moveable Type. My MT blog (called nether or featured thoughts on Toronto’s lit scene, with summaries of local events I’d attend or organize. In 2002, I used it to show work-in-progress from LOGYoLOGY and theories/discoveries surrounding that hypertextperiment, finding it intriguing and challenging to offer text in transformation, with option for readers to feedback as it happened (to affect the course of the work, possibly, or to trouble the mystique of a writing practice/process). A real-time archive?

2003 found recurrent angst over the blog’s raison d’être, and it fell silent… But my fascination with blogging couldn’t be suppressed for long. With ample discussion around the need/desire for more reviews of Canadian poetry, as well as online access to ANY reviews (which, at that point, was sparse), I invited fifteen writers across the country to post reviews on a group blog I called the review diablogue. The diablogue was hoppin’ for a spell, but went the way of the dodo when posts dwindled and other lit mags/journals began uploading content to the interweb.

In June 2005, I gave up MT maintenance and moved to Blogger to try my hand at solo blogging again with 537neon. The blog’s been a space for publication/event/review updates, favourite quotes, musings, and frequent excited yelps. The raison d’être angst has cropped up occasionally (and there was a spell in 2007 for the bulk of content was removed for a period of months as I wrestled with persistent concerns around the responsibilities of blogging). Despite this (or perhaps because of it), 537neon morphed into HUMAN visits NATURE earlier this year.

And to mark this third anniversary of mostly consistent blogging, I’ve decided to try out WordPress’ software. So, here we are. New look: snails. blues, categories. If you’ve got the old address linked, please change to Takk!


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