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Aural June

May 28, 2008

Toronto, how incredible is this?!

Jaap Blonk with Robin Minard
Isabel Bader Theatre
June 4

Kronos Quartet with Tanya Tagaq
Isabel Bader Theatre
June 12/13

Laurie Anderson
Danforth Music Hall
June 13/14


Reading this Tuesday

May 17, 2008

Ciara Adams and I will perform some old slumberish work, as well as some newer echological texts, at Plasticine Poetry Series (The Central, 603 Markham St., Toronto, 8pm). Other readers include Andrea Thompson and Phoebe Tsang.


New Monk

May 16, 2008

Meredith Monk‘s new CD, Impermanence, is out. NPR interview here. So much of what she does rhythmically and vocally on this album relates to where I’m playing with sound-poem drafts for echology and dear s. Reams of love and respect for MM!!


Adventures in Belgium: Brussels

May 15, 2008

After Ghent, I spent a few days in Brussels hanging out with YA novelist Leila Rasheed, whose debut Chips, Beans, and Limousines: The Fantastic Diary of Bathsheba Clarice de Trop! is quite clever, delightful, romptastic. Copious thanks to Leila for her generous hospitality!! We enjoyed a fab walking tour of Brussels, one of the most exciting meals of my life (Comocomo, where Basque cuisine is created fresh and travels on a conveyor belt), and text/dancing at the Iceland on the Edge Festival.

For the festival, we met again with Helen, Jelle, and Maja at the BOZAR, in the cavernous Henry Le Boeuf Hall (seats 2100, with a King’s box) to watch several poets. First up was Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, who read his series of dictator sound poems. Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason lip-synced his Montevideo poem via video broadcast. Kristín Svava‘s Icelandic/English poetry was accompanied by silent video of assorted dance-film clips. And Sjón ended the evening in a wrestling mask.

Following the poetry, we moved to a smaller subterranean space for music concerts. The audience felt largely confused in such a gallery space, unsure whether to view the music as an exhibit (passive in their watching) or to move, seethe, writhe to the cacophony. Leila, Maja, and I chose the latter, as the music of Stillupsteypa and Ghostigital infected us with flail.

Other highlights from my time in Brussels included much schlepping around the city with Eiki, and a visit to Sterling Books (“the English bookshop in the heart of Brussels”), where Helen works. You can see Wide slumber and Lemon Hound on the Sterling bookshelf, below!!


Adventures in Belgium: Post-Zaoem Snapshots

May 6, 2008

Merendree: Out of the city, into rural Belgium. We wound our way through cobblestone roads and cowfields to an art gallery for the visual poetry exhibit Woord en Beeld, including work by Helen White (Krikri hostess extradordinaire) and Maja Jantar (an incredible and unclassifiable artist working in polypoetry and multimedia theatre, among other grand things). The range of work in the two-storey exhibit was impressive, and it was eye-opening to see Belgium’s visual poetry scene. An excellent post-festival adventure!!


Wenduine: He took us to the place of his childhood, stretches of sand and flat ocean and horizon and the Flemish sky with its suspended turbulence.


Bruges: Rain. Green. Clean. Any tourist’s medieval wet dream.


Ghent: We sat in the tetrahedron and, though talk was small, our past lives commingled and the subtext instinctively traced a cellular map. Longevity itudinal ing. Oh, big words. Big, big words big as Belgian hail. The sun was skyward and then it hailed and then it hailed again, the tetrahedron filled with din, our talk diminished, except. What happened next has yet to happen.


Partyafterparty: We made a spectacular feast, ate chocolate, and made zen gardens in red-wine salt. We improvised Jelle’s klankpoezie score. Kristof, Helen, Jelle, and Maja read aloud numerous poems by Canadians, a cacophonous familiarity. Maja and I improvised on a Flemish grammar book (video below). Querida watched.


And so: how to return to Ghent? There’s so much begs doing.


Adventures in Belgium: Maja Jantar and a.raw improvise Flemish

May 6, 2008

Our first attempt at an improvised duet (using a Flemish grammar book) picks up midway once we suss the other’s sensibilities. Hopefully we’ll have more opportunities to play in the future!


Surrender strange matters

May 5, 2008

“I see that it’s important that we surrender ourselves and expose ourselves to things that we don’t necessarily understand, that through innocent, impassioned excitement we can’t help share.” – Lisa Gerrard

“To make the familiar strange, but also to use the materials of the familiar to make something highly recognizable and personal.” – Amina

“What matters isn’t what you could do but what you really did.” – Björk


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