working title

September 20, 2007

the working title of my new project may yet morph. before the project had a solid foundation, i’d flirted with cleavage and fracture or so constantly breathing as the working title. then it shifted to environment canada, and after that to echology. i’ve had a summer’s break from the project as i’ve moved, and new thoughts have me considering echolology as a revised working title. we’ll see how long this one stays.

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  1. Is this the geological project you were telling me about?

  2. thanks for the question! no, though cleavage and fracture is a title i’ve kicked around for a geological project. echolology‘s loose focus thus far deals with sound ecology.

  3. I came up with the word “archeography” to describe our respective geological projects. Because, you know, every time I speak of a geological project, people think I am going to Antarctica to get geological samples. Which is kinda rad, but a bit confusing.

  4. how would you define “archeography”? does your definition gel with the definition offered here, or is it something else?

  5. something else, i’d say. i guess i should have googled the word in the first place. But my definition is a bit easier. Just writing that takes you down the bowels of the earth, like mandelstam talking about poetry being a trip to mars.

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