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Nuit Blanche: Tonight

September 29, 2007

Nuit Blanche has just started, and I’m around an hour away from my first performance. The space is set up, and the community centre is already hopping with many interesting activities, including Yvonne Ng’s Collection.

I’m super stoked to have a special guest joining me for the 12:30am performance of Syntactic Analyses (Parasitic Ventures Press). Jenny Sampirisi and I will sound our way through commas, em-dashes, en-dashes, colons, semi-colons, question marks and — yes — periods until 1:10am.


Nuit Blanche: 9 poets 9 cities

September 27, 2007

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be performing at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche on September 29. Half of my performances will encompass the 9 Poets! 9 Cities! series coordinated by CA Conrad. For your informed convenience, here’s the nitty gritty on the series and the poets whose work I’ll share.
“9 poets in 9 cities have been asked to give poetry readings where poems by all 9 poets are read. There will be 9 rounds of these readings, one in the spring and one in the fall each year until all 81 poets have had their readings. Below you will see the readers, their bios, and a link to a separate page for each particular reading, which includes comment space for their audience members. Please enjoy, and I hope you attend one of these readings in your city.” — CA Conrad

Jen Coleman is a Minnesota poet living in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in ixnay, Chain, Speak Easy and EOAGH and elsewhere.

Kendall Grady studies and writes in Greencastle, IN. In July, Knutschfleck published her fledgling chapbook, I Love You. Thanks. She enjoys olives, ginger, and other things that are not food, like Bucuresti. A gender-neutral restroom is a happy restroom.

Karen Hannah is originally from Santa Maria, California. She has lived in Philadelphia, where she received her MA in Creative Writing and Literature from Temple University, and is currently living in Ilsan, South Korea, teaching kindergarten and working as a curricula editor at Koreapolyschool (KPS). Her work can be found in vol.1 of the online journal zbzz (2005), Fulcrum Annual (2004), Small Brushes, Adept Press and Thought Magazine (2002). Her work is also under experimentation within the little world of her blog at: She has recently returned from Tibet, which she feels has helped to unfold her writing and poetics in new ways.

Yuri Hospodar was born in southeastern Pennsylvania in the US. After several escape attempts, he made it to Boston, the city he perhaps considers “home”. Over the years he has bounced to Paso Robles, San Francisco, Prague, and back to Boston and SF. He is currently exhausted and trying to stay put for a while in Sydney, NSW, Australia. He’s appeared in print and/or online in several mags (Shampoo, Carve, &c) and anthologies (most recently Bay Poetics and Queering Language), and not appeared in many, many others. His only book, To You in Your Closets (Stone Soup Press, 1990) , is long out of print. He is reclusive, disorganised, and a lousy schmoozer, so his other books have been published only, as Ginsberg would say, in Heaven.

Dorothea Lasky was born in St. Louis in 1978. Her first book, AWE, just came out this fall from Wave Books. Her poems have appeared in Crowd, 6×6, Boston Review, Delmar, Phoebe, Filter, Knock, Drill, Lungfull!, and Carve, among others. She is the author of three chapbooks: The Hatmaker’s Wife (Braincase Press, 2006), Art (H_NGM_N Press, 2005), Alphabets and Portraits, (Anchorite Press, 2004). Currently, she lives in Philadelphia, where she edits the Katalanche Press chapbook series (along with poet, Michael Carr) and is pursuing her doctorate in education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Hoa Nguyen is the author of Dark (Mike and Dales), Parrot Drum (Leroy), Let’s Eat Red for Fun (Boog), Your Ancient See Through (Subpress), Red Juice (effing) and Poems (subpress). She lives in Austin TX where she edits the magazine and book imprint Skanky Possum and curates a reading series with her partner the poet Dale Smith.

Travis Nichols grew up in Ames, Iowa. A graduate of the University of Georgia and the University of Massachusetts, he now lives in Seattle where he edits the online magazine Weird Deer and writes for the Post-Intelligencer and the Stranger. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Boston Review, The Believer, The Village Voice, Poets & Writers, Stop Smiling, Crowd, Octopus, Factorial, Lungfull and Isn’t It Romantic: An Anthology of Love Poems by Younger American Poets, among other places. In 2007, he co-curated the exhibition Poets on Painters, which opened at the Ulrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Wichita, KS.

Logan Ryan Smith lives in San Francisco where he publishes TRANSMISSION PRESS chapbooks. Up until recently he published a poetry mag called small town. In the summer of 2007 the San Francisco Bay Guardian recognized him for his publishing efforts with a “Best of the Bay 2007″. His first book, THE SINGERS, was published by Dusie Press Books in the same summer. Other poetry has appeared in New American Writing, Bombay Gin, Spell, string of small machines, Hot Whiskey Magazine, the tiny, Mirage #4/ Period(ical), and elsewhere, as well as in the anthologies Bay Poetics (Faux Press), and The Meat Book (Hot Whiskey). A few online chapbooks can be found at and


nuit blanche

September 26, 2007

on september 29, the city of toronto will host its 2nd annual all-night arts extravaganza known as nuit blanche (read my recap of last year’s here). this saturday/sunday, i’ll experiment deep in the basement of the cecil street community centre (in zone B, site 14; near chinatown & kensington market). the community centre will conjure the cacophony of a street festival, with performers and esoterics in every nook and cranny. fellow artists at the space include yvonne ng (who’s done an immense job organizing this venue), katherine duncanson, marie-josée chartier, jeremy mimnagh, and many more.

i plan to first-draft debut two experiments during my 2007 nuit blanche segments:

1) aural/kinetic performance of excerpts from the Syntactic Analyses series by michael maranda (Parasitic Ventures Press), specifically wollstonecraft’s a vindication of the rights of woman and freud’s the interpretation of dreams.

2) 9 Poets! 9 Cities!, the brainchild of philadelphia writer CA Conrad. in this adventure, CA’s asked 9 poets to share 9 poems with one another, and to organize a reading in each city to share some of the circulated work. participating poets in round one of this experiment are:

Jennifer Coleman: New York City, USA
Dorothea Lasky: Philadelphia, USA
Kendall Grady: Greencastle, USA
Karen Hannah: Seoul, South Korea
Yuri Hospodar: Sydney, Australia
Hoa Nguyen: Austin, USA
Travis Nichols: Seattle, USA
a.rawlings: Toronto, Canada
Logan Ryan Smith: San Francisco, USA

i have six performance slots (40 minutes each), so i won’t do the same thing every time, though i’m likely to play at length with anything from projected text and improvisation to sound and movement. and i plan to play it by ear on saturday night, when i’m drawn to either experiment. so, pro-whim. if you’re out and about, do drop by the basement of 58 cecil street for a hello and a gander. my scheduled performance times start every two hours: 8:30pm-9:10pm & 10:30pm-11:10pm & 12:30am-1:10am & 2:30am-3:10am & 4:30am-5:10am & 6:30am-7:10am.


Icelandic translations anthology

September 25, 2007

131.839 slög með bilum, edited and translated by Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, collects poems written in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, and Finnish and translates them into Icelandic in this forthcoming anthology. The book features sixty-one poets, including several Canadians. An excerpt from Wide slumber‘s included, too. Here’s a full list of poets whose work appears keyed and stroked:

Charles Bernstein, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Susana Gardner, Oscar Rossi, Kirby Olson, Leevi Lehto, Sharon Mesmer, Jan Hjort, Jesse Ball, Markku Paasonen, Jack Kerouac, derek beaulieu, Katie Degentesh, Paul Dutton, Nada Gordon, Paal Bjelke Andersen, Gherardo Bortolotti, Daniel Scott Tysdal, Iain Bamforth, Michael Lentz, Anne Waldman, Teemu Manninen, Mike Topp, Ida Börjel, Amiri Baraka, S. Baldrick, bpNichol, Charles Bukowski, Mairead Byrne, Mark Truscott, John Tranter, Sylvia Legris, Maya Angelou, Bruce Andrews, Haukur Már Helgason, Craig Dworkin, Shanna Compton, Lars Mikael Raattamaa, Vito Acconci, K. Silem Mohammad, Frank Bidart, Rita Dahl, damian lopes, Jelaluddin Rumi, Rachel Levitsky, Tom Leonard, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson, Caroline Bergvall, Christian Bök, e. e. cummings, Saul Williams, a.rawlings, Stephen Cain, Jeff Derksen, Linh Dinh, Nico Vassilakis, Martin Glaz Serup, Malte Persson, Anna Hallberg

Eiríkur’s posted an English translation of his excellent introduction here.


Seen Reading: Wide slumber

September 25, 2007

Julie Wilson spotted someone thumbing through Wide slumber for lepidopterists and blogged about it on Seen Reading.


impromptu series III: donato mancini

September 24, 2007

when: this friday, september 28, 7pm
where: Coach House Books picnic table (401 huron street, rear)
what: bring $ to buy donato’s new book, Æthel; bring your own beverage and snacks; bring one short text to
share with the group

that’s right! the impromptu reading series returns with a visit from vancouver poet and designer donato mancini. donato will share excerpts from his new book. after donato reads, we’ll open the floor to anyone who’d like to share a text (this’ll give donato a chance to hear some local work). we’ll finish around 9pm and wander to a nearby pub for further carousing, if the spirit takes us.


a difficult position

September 23, 2007

the new york times ran this article today, appraising the state of dance and performance studies in american universities. of particular interest are the persistent binaries of mind/body and practice/theory, still dogging curricula formation. also intriguing is the debate raised at the article’s end, regarding experience necessary to instruct at the post-secondary level; would not an instructional model that embraces practice/theory integration be taught well by a person with practical, theoretical, and academic experience?


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