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working title

April 22, 2007

i’ve begun researching a new project, so far dealing loosely with sound ecology, sustainability, Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife Species, human impact on environment and environmental impact on human well-being, repetition, text as ecosystem, and pronoun employment. relationship between these not yet firmed, but similarity, parallel, tangents starting to cohere.

the project’s had a number of working titles so far. the one i’ve used with most frequency is Environment Canada. after some thought, i’ve decided to shift the working title to echology. has closer ties with my subjects, and still recalls EnviroCan (with its E/C commencing echo).


listening tag

April 19, 2007

danielle‘s tagged me in a music meme. request: list seven songs heavy in my playlist’s rotation these days.

z. abel et cain / diamanda galás
y. cucaracha / jorane
x. music for egon schiele / the rachel’s
w. mary of silence / mazzy starr
v. puta madre / zaki
u. earth intruders / björk
t. come up to show them / steve reich

if you read this, consider yourself tagged; to what are you listening?


hymenoptera population in decline

April 18, 2007

Southern Ontario apiarists are confounded by a decline in their honeybee populations this spring.

Culprit: Illness? Life cycle?
Weather? Lack of pollen?
Beetle infestation? Pesticides?
Cellphone radiation?


alcuin award: wide slumber

April 6, 2007

Wide slumber for lepidopterists has tied for the Alcuin Scociety Book Design Award in the category of poetry! Congrats to Bill Kenendy for his design and the Coach House team for their care.

Wide slumber shares the award with The Book of Were by Wayne Clifford (designed by Tim Inkster, Porcupine’s Quill).


kroetsch award

April 6, 2007

Congrats to Natalie Walschots on receiving the first annual Robert Kroetsch Award through Snare Books. The award will see her first manuscript, Thumbscrews, published this fall.


tonight: riff/raft

April 5, 2007

TONIGHT (Thursday, April 5)
Trane Studio
964 Bathurst St. (just north of Bloor West)

Featuring a polyvocal performance by poets
Margaret Christakos, Sonnet L’Abbe, a.rawlings,
Jenny Sampirisi, Jordan Scott, Gerry Shikatani,
and Rachel Zolf with music by Tim Posgate


PRISM International

April 4, 2007

the new issue of PRISM International includes five pages from my zygotic work-in-progress Environment Canada.


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