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they read aloud

January 25, 2007

this week’s reading-aloud list is comprised of works-in-progress and works-seeking-publication.

tuesday: my body’s physically inhabited by jordan scott’s blert; his ryerson reading featured new poem “fable” with its zebra-finches beating aggressive will-not statements into the ears of its witnesses. also at ryerson, mark truscott’s new project thoughts commingling forces paired five-line ten-word poems in minute columns, the stacks of letters magnifying letterforms and semantics. aaron tucker’s project spiralled a list of everyday familiarity and made me curious: what’s his interest/relationship to the spiral?

wednesday: at test, zong! by m. nourbese philip recounted haunting stories that cannot be told but must be told through erasure and pseudo-anagrammatic poems while archaic torso of someone by hugh thomas featured a healthy serving of “dishonest translation.”

for my part, i’m knee-deep in another project. the working title has been environment canada, but a paradigm shift in the project’s retitled it, for the time being, as cleavage and fracture. project’s processing issues of possession, ownership, economy of language, reusability, sustainability, recycling, reduction, climate change, human impact on environment, etc. i wandered through december and january considering pronoun usage, knowing this will play a major role in the work and jamming on how it fits. i had a nice collusion of thought last week, which resulted in a poem with two working titles (what’s up with this project breeding multiple working titles?): “signs of whom” or “signs of possession.”

and now to read more…


i pinched myself and it hurt

January 24, 2007

* Bjork * Sonic Youth * Red Hot Chili Peppers * the Arcade Fire * Travis * Rage Against The Machine * Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System * Air * Willie Nelson * the Roots * Konono No1 * Ratatat plus rumours of possible appearances by The Knife and Thom Yorke…
did i mention Bjork and Rage Against The Machine (seriously: reunion)?

yes, this is really slated to happen. in california. this spring. where are my wings?!



January 17, 2007

“He didn’t know what to do.
He grew scared because he didn’t know what to do.
He forgot he didn’t know what to do.
He went back inside the hut.
You couldn’t tell the difference between a snowflake and a star.”

Kathy Acker, Blood and Guts in High School

Wide slumber in Torontoist

January 17, 2007

Wide slumber for lepidopterists recently appeared in Torontoist‘s Love/Hate 2006: Reading as a book that befriended Sharon Harris in 2006.


monkey’s paw and jordan’s cot

January 7, 2007

my neighbourhood’s notorious for sprouting new stores every few weeks. during a recent wander along dundas west, conor, jordan, and i stumbled upon the monkey’s paw. this used bookstore features a curious selection of used books, antique typewriters, and insect paperweights (the katydids and cicadas encased in glass impress). if you’re ever around dundas west and ossington, i recommend slipping into the monkey’s paw. my finds of the day included a john cage collection and an old, slim hardcover instructing how to collect and store insects. i’m in research mode for a new project, so these should come in handy.

jordan is going to acquire a bug paperweight once he employs himself. and speaking of the traveling coquitlamite, i’ve experienced an enjoyable and busy few days welcoming jordan to his temporary home (toron-what-to). so far, it’s been an avalanche of camaraderie, house-hunting, and work since he arrived. we even spent part of our evening assembling binders and hole-punching documents in preparation for our ryerson adventure (we’re huge nerds).

text-wise, my brain’s breeding a creature that may soon mark its territory on page or screen. not sure if it’ll have a presence for thursday’s wordstage reading, but perhaps… perhaps… perhaps.

“If you can’t make your mind up, we’ll never get started.”

Doris Day, “Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps”

review: W I D E R in mapleleaf poem

January 7, 2007

Alixandra Bamford reviews W I D E R: rarities and remixes for mapleleaf poem.


review: WSfL in Antigonish Review

January 3, 2007

Josh Massey reviews Wide slumber for lepidopterists and Sherwin Tjia’s The world is a heartbreaker in the Antigonish Review, Issue 147.


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