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coming and going

August 31, 2006

mark and lisa swoop into the neighbourhood (welcome!). jordan‘s europe-bound (be safe; postcard often!). carolynn and grant visit from nelson (xoxox!). katie’s off to fredericton (happy learning!).

“people come and go so quickly around here!” – dorothy in wizard of oz

review: WSfL in Broken Pencil

August 31, 2006

fellow northern ontarian vincent ponka reviews wide slumber for broken pencil.



August 31, 2006

“When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean; neither more nor less.”

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


August 27, 2006

“See how weak prose is…. Presently I shall go to a bar and there one or two poets will speak to me and I to them and we will try to destroy each other or attract each other and nothing will happen because we will be speaking in prose.”

Jack Spicer


August 25, 2006
does your solar system have eight planets and three dwarf planets?

this week’s literary events have eluded me for reasons of family, distance, and assorted busy-ness. if you attended, participated in, or organized any of the following events, i’d adore a recap of what was hot in talk and text: helsinki poetics conference, calgary blow-out, and test reading series.

astronomers argue over the definition of ‘planet.’

if you’re in toronto tonight and care to brave the neon and concrete of dundas square, come to scream in the square. gregory betts has organized the hell out of this event, which he fondly subtitles “soundubnuos.” the event will feature lillian allen, gary barwin, and paul dutton. ciara adams, conor green, and i will read from wide slumber.

i play björk’s explosive “pluto” for astronomy and dundas square.
excuse me / but i just have to /explode
explode this body / off me
i’ll wake-up tomorrow / brand new
a little bit tired / but brand new


August 24, 2006

FEMALE VOICE: “The truth is people are pushed around by two men who move all the bodies on earth into patterns that please them.”

MALE VOICE: “I love my mind when it is fucking the cracks of events.”

MALE VOICE: “What I give to all the people who do not want to live with me is arithmetic.”

FEMALE VOICE: “Everyday, I do nothing important because I am scared blank and lazy. But then the men come. I put my mouth on them. I spit and write with the wet.”

MALE VOICE: “I was not born live. This body grew but I did not feel cells split.”

Jenny Holzer


August 17, 2006

“Even a potato in a dark cellar has a certain low cunning about him which serves him in excellent stead.”

Cellarius, The Book of the Machines

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