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sound poetry

October 26, 2005

Why am I interested in sound poetry? To excavate the basic tools of language. To explore the literary quality of sound production. To examine language for its structure and material, instead of its semantics.

Instead of “read me,” “build me.”

Where do I begin? With sound. How do I form meaning from sound? How do I name?

Can a comma signify an inhale? Could I assign each alphabet letter a different sound, then try to repronounce words according to their re-ordered/re-assigned sounds?

Look again: the base material: sound.

I experiment with sound production of the mouth of the body. I create a language of the mouth. I repeat sound to remember it. I teach it to others. I organize the sounds to name.

I add movement, gesture. I name this communication. I name this speech, music, dance.


rogue or rouge

October 3, 2005

If word placement in syntax denotes noun, then either.

If adverb or adjective, read carefully else misreading possible.

If misread, all the better to ease you.

If semantic read is desired, then you mean what you mean when you mean how you mean why you mean whore you mean and what do you mean by that?

If that is whore and easily misread, then who or what instigates disease?

What rouge, what rogue.



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